Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Loose Chocolates

**Chocolate Letterings

**Chocolate Numberings

Our Loose Chocolates are made of real chocolates and comes in variety selection of nuts,flavors and fillings. For this year, surprise your loved ones with some messages on the loose chocolates you give them. We promise sweet memories on your special day with our delicious treats, and guess what , NO EXTRA PAYMENT WILL BE CHARGED !!

Packaging And Pricing

Assorted Chocolates In Clear Container
*4pcs : RM4.00
*8pcs : RM8.00
*10pcs : RM10.00
*20pcs : RM20.00
*50pcs : RM50.00

Assorted Chocolates In Souvenir Box
*2pcs : RM3.00
*3pcs : RM4.00
*4pcs : RM5.00
*6pcs : RM7.00
*9pcs : RM11.00
*12pcs : RM14.00
*25pcs : RM30.00
*35pcs : RM40.00

**Extra Charges for Special Ribbon

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